Thursday, September 25, 2014

Orange Beach Fishing Report for 9/19-9/25/14--- Windy Week!

This past week certainly wasn't the best week for throwing a line, but we had a couple of "OK" days to fish and the bite was still happening.

Our inshore action was more of the same from the past two weeks with the Redfish biting decently in the pass and local bays and some good docklight action with both Reds and Trout. The pattern was similar but the wind made fishing certain locations more difficult. The fishing also wasn't as good in the skinny water of the flats early in the mornings. Instead, fishing the deeper channels adjacent to grassflats and shallow bars proved more productive. The weather in the coming week looks to be another windy one with dropping temperatures so I expect the fish to hold to the current pattern. I would pay attention to wind shifts in the afternoons though. Calm periods in the evenings will usually produce a good topwater bite in the shallows.

Another good inshore target this time of the year is Mangrove (Black) Snapper. These tasty guys will be all over most inshore structure until water temps dip into the low 70s at which time the larger fish will seek deeper water and the keepers (12" TL in Al) will be further and fewer between. Live Shrimp and small LYs will be best, but they will hit a variety of small live baits and even plugs and soft plastic artificials.

In the surf, the Pompano bite picked up considerably. Pieces of shrimp and ghost shrimp worked equally well and some of the Pomps caught were of good size. Incoming tide has been best and we will finally slide off of the long NEAP tide we've had tomorrow. Tides will rising in the afternoons and the first couple hours of the incoming tide will be best. The positive thing to come from our high winds recently is the formation of many runouts and cuts along the beaches, which are key feeding points for Pompano and other surf-running gamefish. Fish the edges of these runouts and vary the depths of your baits until you get bit.

We continued to have good fishing in the bluewater this past week although the wind limited time on the water. The tunas bit good at rigs 90+ miles out although there were many caught within that as well. Quite a few Blue Marlin were caught both at the rigs and around natural bottom to the southeast. The Nipple, Spur and Squiggles have been very hot areas for billfish over the past six weeks and the conditions are still favorable. I fished just north of the Nipple on Monday for a few hours and we caught one Wahoo and raised a Blue Marlin in the 300lb range. That fish pounced on a pink, SquidNation daisy chain and despite hitting our pitch bait three times, we were unable to keep a hook set. The Wahoo hit a Moldcraft Wide Range.

Expect the billfish bite to continue and the Wahoo bite to get better as water temps drop into the low 80s. Be sure to watch the depthfinder while trolling too. You will be passing over many good deep drop spots to hit later.

I don't have many great pics from the past week since the wind limited what we could do. Below is a nice Deep Drop spot we found on Monday while trolling and a hungry Mangrove Snapper that hit my UnFair Rip-N-Slash

Chris Vecsey
Sam's Bait and Tackle
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