Thursday, April 18, 2013

Orange Beach Fishing Report 4/15-4/17/13

It was a windy three days, but the inshore bite has been very good. The main target for myself and many others this past week was Pompano; in the surf, off the jetties and even in the bays. The Pomps have been a decent size too with many fish over 3lbs caught. My biggest this week was 3.4lbs but most were well over the 2lb mark. I caught all of my Pompano on live or fresh dead shrimp but many plenty were caught by others using ghost shrimp and sand fleas. Along with the Pompano, I had good action this week with Sheepshead, Speckled Trout, White Trout and Spanish Mackerel. Most of the Trout I caught were 17-20 inches with one fish over and a couple smaller. I caught them primarily along the Intercoastal Canal in several locations. The trout have been holding deep and were caught with Live Shrimp, soft plastic shrimp imitations and Mirrolure Mirrodines (18MR to be exact).

The Cobia bite didn't slow a bit either. I didn't get out to do any myself, but many others in larger boats did and weren't sorry for doing so. Many fish exceeding 70lbs hit the docks and the average sized fish seemed to exceed 50lbs. These fish are being taken on a variety of baits, but Live Eels are still getting most of the fish.

I haven't heard many offshore reports, probably due to the rough seas we've had, but summer is just around the corner and hopefully calm seas will accompany it.

I'll be keeping my eye on the weather and will hopefully have some more good reports this week.

Chris Vecsey
Sam's Bait and Tackle
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Orange Beach, Al 36561

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